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Free PSN Codes – how it is possible ?

PlayStation is the most popular gaming console in the world. It comes with many benefits, and it keeps getting better. All serious gamers have a console such as PS4 or even PS3. The codes are one of the best features of the console. You should understand how to use PSN codes, as they will significantly improve your gaming experience.psn code


An advantage of the PS is its networking capabilities through the PlayStation Network or the PSN. There is also a premium service known as PSN Plus. You cannot enjoy playing the PS4 unless you use money, and not forgetting the initial cost of buying the console. This is where the codes come in.

The codes are accessed from prepaid cards that can be used to buy PlayStation content for the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. Many people often receive these codes as gift cards, but many online sources promise to generate the codes for you. However, you should not trust these sources as some are spams and frauds which promise to give use free codes, but they never deliver. You can purchase it from legitimate sources online such as the PlayStation website. They cost about $10, $20, or $50. The codes are redeemable on the PSN, and they allow you to play any game without spending any money.

You will also be a PSN Plus member. There are some many benefits for the average gamer. You can play any multiplayer games online with millions of other players worldwide. Most exciting games are multiplayer. It is a fact that many of us get bored with the single player mode, considering you spend a significant amount of money to buy the game. Furthermore, the PSN Plus membership guarantees you a free game every month. The games on offer are pretty good, and your collection will grow with time. The PSN Plus members also allow you to get discounted price for gamespsn codes

It is important to understand how to use PSN codes. You can redeem the codes on your gaming console. If your console in on, then follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign in to your PSN account.
  2. Once logged, in, scroll up and left until you find the PlayStation Store icon. Once the store is loaded, scroll down the menu to the left-hand side.
  3. You will find an option to redeem codes at the bottom.
  4. Press X to enter the 12-digit PSN code, then press continue.
  5. You will receive a confirmation pop-up that shows you what the code allows you to do.

The following screen allows you to download anything that works with the code. Credit and subscriptions are added automatically with no need for additional downloads. Another option to redeem the codes is via the PlayStation Store website on the internet. If you want to download anything, just go to the library section on your console. You can then enjoy all the wonderful benefits of free psn codes 2016 method.

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Win races in the gran turismo – review


Gran Turismo Game review

Video Games are fun, they are among the best means of recreation. A video game lover considers these as a part of his/her day to day routine. Gran Turismo 6 is a game that would interest any video-game lover, it can be really wonderful. Some of the admirable features of this game are intuitive handling for the convenience, perfect attention the details, and also its dedication to the simulation.

In many respects and aspects, this game is impressive, but yes, one might feel doomed forever to a life for a series of legacy lying behind. It is all about the minor changes that have occurred over superb re-inventions. However, GT6 is among the best true racing simulation available on consoles. Though there are many rivals, this game has maintained its repo and fans.

GT6 is a remarkable racing game in many ways. It is a good looking PlayStation 3 game that attracts any racing-lover. Handling this game is spectacular. Also, it contains a good variety of driving and track content is not at all short of show-stopping.

Suspension modeling of the game is the most significant change that can be noticed at once. Once you change the direction, you can feel that the body is rolling and yawing accordingly. This makes the game very instinctive to correct the minute slides while sensing the weight of the car shifting. Thus, it is something more than relying on visual feedback.

Things in GT6 start off nicely, and then with the help of the Trackday lap, you can get straight into action. At first, you drive Renault Clio RS, later newer brands are introduced. Driving basics are taught to you, including how to zip around the track or use the racing line. While driving with Renault, one can learn the basics well, and then get prepared for proper racing.


There is no rewind button in this car though it is a modern one, however, this teaches the driver to stay away from cheating methods. However, it is always possible in the game that if the car would be faster and more modernized, your chances of winning would have definitely increased.


Overall, in Gran Turismo 6, the maximum of wrongs in its predecessor racing games have been corrected. This is surely an enjoyable, beautiful and among the most expansive racing experience. It can be said that the game is not many steps far away from becoming the best racing game invented till date.